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Budget special

QLD and NSW are underwater, again. Knives are out for the prime minister. FU Pay is not good. The budget is discussed.

Sundown with Kochie

Carbon credits are a big scam. David Koch fantasies about cutting the rope.

Care of Duty: Modern Lawfare 2

We get Adelaidepilled, then talk about the federal court ruling that the Environment Minister doesn't have a duty of care after all.

Go fund yourself

The government ignores the IPCC report and the floods. Warnie ruled though.

Manchoofian Candidate

Australia's largest coal power plant is shutting down early, Scott Morrison is good at diplomacy, and Grace Tame is cool.

Good* news

It's a good* news week!

Longest straight section of fail

Western Australia succeeds in succeeding, the Religious Discrimination bill is bad and aged care is in cri—.

Sister, mother, tenant

The Aged Care minister goes to the cricket, the NDIS is a complicated octopus and Scott Morrison gets the respect he deserves.

Fresh road meat

Meat just keeps getting spilled, everyone's back working for the economy and the Labor party loves doing borders.

Dillsong ha ha

Australia's Unions post through it, it's very very hot, and Hillsong have a big party.

Screaming (feat. Emerald Moon)

Rats, we forgot to order any RATs! Also Mitch talks to Emerald Moon from the Serious Danger podcast about Green politics, Byron life and loud music.

Buying Power

We talk about Shell's acquisition of Powershop and the cool cool Labor party.

The gang de-isolates

We're all recording in the same room for the first time in 91 episodes! It's a bit chaotic. Also some news is discussed.

gay little ep (feat. Evie)

MQFF help pinkwash apartheid, Dani Laidley returns as a hero, and the Victorian Pride Lobby release a report on LGBTIQA+ people's feelings toward police.

All COP26 are bastards

Farm workers are now entitled to a minimum wage, some guy got smashed and crashed his car. Also some dudes went to Glasgow and talked about submarines or something.

Stop Dazza!

Governments are marking up the next IPCC report with track changes. Chistian Porter has a secret vault of cash and no-one wants to look inside.

And I quote

Gina Rinehart has terminal facebook brain, the nationals want to keep digging coal long after capital decides it's a bad idea, and we answer a listener question.

Ms. Deeds

Girlbosses are doing it (high level corruption) for themselves.

AUKUS malorkus

We have a lot to say about submarines. Also, shutting down public transport to stop a protest: Sensible tactic to calm things down or bad idea that'll just make things worse? If only I were writing this several days in the future and could see what would happen on Monday and Tuesday.

Do they know it's Cringemas? (feat. Lyndal Rowlands)

We're joined by climate journalist Lyndal Rowlands to discuss New Corp's two-week admission that climate change exists. Then we dig into reality show The Activist, and the weird people behind it.

The Fifth Element is coal

Victoria is banning nazi symbols, the LNP want to give you a school chaplain to sooth your worries about climate change, and we discuss whether you can ever get away with a "BUT" after "death is horrible".

Beetaloo Advocate

JobSeeker was a massive corporate handout, Tasmanian Liberals don't want to frighten the kids, and the government gives millions of dollars to gas miners (with Labor's help).

How dare you give us $300?

Pros and cons of chucking a sickie. Should the government should pay us $300 or give it to Tabcorp? TERF madness is spreading in Australia.

Who grifts the Griftmen?

The NSW Government almost got scammed out of half a billion dollars, and who knows what McKinsey are up to? At least we have a strong opposition to keep things in check.

Smoking the Reef

FM radio hosts are sick of Morrison's shit. The reef is fine, guys, don't even worry about it. Gronks go wild across Australia.


Santos isn't bighting, Australia is sending furries to the Olympics, and we're back in lockdown and cooking our brains.

Listen To Auspol Snackpod

The Labor party are really sad without anyone to play with, the government has a new Vaccine ad, Questacon made a bad video.

Springtime for ScoMo

We chat about Scott Morrison's accidental-on-purpose vaccine rollout, the reckless and deadly actions of Victoria Police, and the $660 million thrown at car parks in Liberal seats.

Oh THAT Barrier Reef

We spend about half an hour yelling about lockdowns. Sorry. Then we chat about what Australia's Environment Minister has been up to.

Fixated Podcasters Unit (7th ed.)

The government is handing their homework in late and we tell you just how Both Parties Bad. Then we step into the Jordies discourse.

Qaniel Qandrews

We chat about the conspiracy theory running rampant on Victorian Telegram channels, then discuss the situation of the Biloela family, and how we got here.

Sour worms

We discuss the cops who can't stop leaking sensitive information to abusers, Victoria's return to lockdown and the government ministers who keep forgetting that Grandma exists.

Care of Duty: Modern Lawfare (feat. Lauren)

We're joined by legal expert Lauren to discuss the government's new duty of care to protect young people from the climate crisis. We also chat about international law and exploding coal power plants.

Dispatchable planet

We chat about hangovers, what's up with the energy sector (and who's getting the handouts), and the government simply refuses to deliver a vaccine.

WiNnErS & LoSeRs

We talk about the media's narratives of omission, whether the subject is Kristina Keneally's necklace, the federal budget or the people of Palestine.

A hotline for losers

We keep up to date on the War consent manufacturing machine, chat about ACIC's claim that encryption is for criminals, and follow up on the jobseeker dob-in hotline.


We talk about alleged war crimes, alleged lunch boxes, allegedly improper firing of CEOs and alleged plans fossil-fuel companys to pay nothing in resources taxes.

Stuart Robert has left the group chat

We chat about drama in the Health Minister's group chat, stripping the NDIS and check in with the Covid vaccine situation.

Rough chuckles redux

We chat about Scott Morrison's week of waterworks, proposals to ban Posting and the big Cabinet job swap.

Combustable assets

The Yallourn power station is breaking down and everyone won't shut up about NFTs, so we chat talk about mining for coal and mining for cryptocurrencies.

Lie to me, I'm begging you

We respond to some listener feedback, discuss the LNP's miserly raise to the Jobseeker Rate, and the media's response to some basic new rights for Victorian renters.

Electric root wagon

We're back in lockdown again, the government still loves fossil fuels (but hates workers) and hybrid cars are a trick to lock us into using petrol.

The new Kelly Gang sucks too

We chat about Australia's bushfire/covid/storm situation, then a deep dive into why exactly Eddie Maguire should quit (he did), followed by a check-in with cooked unit Craig Kelly.


We discuss bad rocks, the Award for Services to Homophobia, and try to figure out what on earth the Labor Party is up to.

Disaster artists (feat. Ben McLeay of Boonta Vista)

We're joined by Ben McLeay of the Boonta Vista podcast to talk about the Government's favorite hobby of packing emissions bodies with fossil fuel ghouls, Australian lawyer Greg Sheppard and his terrible children, and hungry ghost Scott Morrison.

Roasted celery

We cover the Dutch welfare scandal, the government shovelling more subsidies into the gas industry, the Celery Discorse and what Michael McCormack has been up to.

Cope attempt

We chat about Australia's contributions to the US Capitol riots, online abuse of people who fall through the cracks of coronavirus lockdown, and outages of the inhumane cashless welfare card.

Mitch and McLean are scabs for this one

Mitch and McLean cross the podcast picket line to chat about the one-word adjustment to the national anthem, cuts to Jobkeeper and the 2020 drop in emissions.

The Top 10 of 2020

Join us as we wrap up 2020 with Not Good Enough's official Top 10 ranking for the year.

I stopped these (coal ships)

We delve into the details on the Ombudsman's report on the Victorian public tower lockdowns, then theorise that Australian politicians are being paid by aliens to perpetuate climate change.

Billapalooza 2020

It's too hot to podcast but we delve into the content mines yet again to keep you updated on the landslide of bills from the last sitting week of parliament.

Mr. Skeleton, or, A Fistful of Dollarmites

In this blockbuster episode we discuss Gladys Berejiklian's creeping corruption, Virginia Trioli's Dr. Manhattan vibes and the death of the Dollarmite.

Rough chuckles

We discuss the recently-settled class-action lawsuit against the Robodebt scheme, then dive into the media coverage of Australia's Afganistan war crimes, and why they should not be surprising.

Ghoul interrupted

We enter the Sexism Zone, then chat about coal-lover Joel Fitzgibbon leaving the Labor front-bench. For dessert we discuss successul petitions and a (hopefully!) big new push for social housing in Victoria.

Commission impossible

We dig into the details of the recently released Royal Commission into National Natural Disaster Arrangements. Then we chat about the LNP freaking out about ANZ virtue signalling, and the company that was paid millions to not clean trains.

Blow up the horses (feat. Zac of Auspol Snackpod)

We're joined by Zac of Auspol Snackpod to chat about Scott Morrison's weird tint job, horse races for the rich and how the government (again) loves mining more than mining companies.

Budget cu*ts

Alan Tudge re-instates the White Australia policy, Jacquie Lambie is a problematic fav, and we pick apart the big themes of this year's Federal budget.

Banana republic

We discuss big poultry news, the Centerlink workers who disagree with punitive government policy, and how the LNP wants to bring back indentured servitude on farms.

Renters write (feat. Jim Malo)

We're joined by journalist Jim Malo to talk race, renting and climate change, and how Australia's media covers all three. But before that, we talk about the desecration of sacred sites, and Jobkeeper rorts.

Contract tracing

We chat the $30 mil golden handshake received by the CEO who blew up Juukan Gorge, the 'strike' that Victorian landlords are trying to pull, and the privatised Coronavirus contact tracing clusterfuck.


Mitch and Lang do some yelling about gas. We praise Rachel Siewert for yelling. We yell about big rowdy protests, which are a form of yelling.

Krathryn Crambrell

We discuss Wikipedia edits, encryption laws, corona detention and McLean's trip to the Labor party's town hall on climate change.

Not Snack Enough (feat. Noon of Auspol Snackpod)

Guest host Noon of Auspol Snackpod joins us for a roundup of media news, an explanation of how clean energy could get us out of the recession and a stirring dive into Marxist theory.

It's good news! (feat. Cam Smith)

We take a break from doom and gloom to highlight some recent wins. Then we chat with broadcaster and conspiracy researcher Cam Smith about the sovereign citizens and far-right cranks at a Bunnings near you.

Insufficiently legal

We dissect the media's preferential coverage of the covid crisis, the Labor party response to climate change and how big business is more interested in making money than keeping their workers alive.

The legitimate taking of piss

We chat about the latest round of government handouts to mates, then delve into a blistering rundown of Serco's crimes and coverups.

Stupid sexy Dandrews

Lockdown horn has infected Australia's pundit class, Albo reckons mines are cool, and we run through the highlights of recent stupid money bullshit.

Masks off

We chat about Melbourne's return to city-wide lockdown and the ongoing police presence at the nine inner-city public housing blocks. Then we get personal, talking about our own paths to radical politics.

Cop Tower

We talk about Victoria's lockdowns of public housing tower blocks, cops making drugs and the Morrison government's ongoing quest to shut down Jobkeeper as soon as they can.

Nationalise the government

With climate disasters looming, we pick apart the Labor party's anaemic response. Then we chat about ideological cuts to the ABC and the right-wing media's take on Victorian Covid spikes.

Blaming families

We chat about the News Corp beat up of Lydia Thorpe, the re-up of the lockdown in parts of Victoria and ginned up cyber attacks in the news.

Law & Order: Statue Victims Unit

Police are out in force to protect metal in the shape of Captain Cook, the PM apparently hasn't learned anything since primary school and money keeps not reaching the people who really need it.

Black Lives Matter

We talk about Australia's Black Lives Matter protests against indigenous deaths in custody, and the responses of Australia's media and police.

Blow it up

We discuss National Sorry day, Aboriginal people dying in custody and Rio Tinto destroying an ancient and irreplaceable historic site. Then we dance on Robodebt's grave and chat about the long-lasting effects of Australia's bushfires.

What's the go with Angus Taylor

In this very special episode we talk about the life, times and scandals of Angus Taylor, the Minister for Energy and Emissions Reduction.

Boardgames & Blasphemy

We get real nerdy on this one. First we discuss the socialist and feminist history of Monopoly that Hasbro has erased, then dive into the source code of the CovidSafe app.

Captain Cooked

We break down the culture war surrounding Victoria's Deputy Chief Health Officer. Then we explain why the Great Barrier Reef is important and why you shouldn't install the government's Covid Safe app.

Respect the tropes

We acknowledge the sacrifice of our fallen heroes, and discuss former PM Malcom Turnbull's testy responses to criticism of his new book. Then chat about the knock-on effects of tumbling oil prices and how to save the Great Barrier Reef.

Rentseekers united

The NSW and Victorian state governments have announced massive rent relief packages. Or are they just handouts to landlords? Then we chat COVID tracing apps, and what Angus Taylor has been up to recently.


We officially announce our endorsement for the US presidential election and discuss Pell walking free. Then we get all dreamy talking about what cities could look like without car commuting.

Money police

We remind you all that the climate still exists, then discuss the government's 'Jobkeeper' stimulus plans, cruise ship crimes and landlord crimes.

Cruise control

Private schools and hospitals are getting massive bailouts and there's day-long lines at Centerlink. We talk coronavirus shutdowns, the government's confusing messaging and why cruise ships are spreading the plague.

The gang self isolates

There's a looming pandemic and the energy is weird. We talk about police violence, the closure of the AAP, and how to survive coronavirus.

Corona? Barely even knew 'er (International Women's Day)

Shell is posting cringe on International Women's Day, Missy Higgins' dad has Coronavirus, and the Australian government continues their efforts to make corruption a national sport. We try to make sense of the chaos in this blockbuster episode.

Stop the floats

The Liberal party's float at the Sydney Mardi Gras was targeted by protestors who were ejected from the parade. We discuss the Liberal party's history of policies that hurt the LGBTQI community, and the Labor party's lack of spine on both gay marriage and climate change.

Dirty solidarity

We take on the Liberal Party's latest line attack on climate action as “uncosted”, then delve into dirty solidarity with Paul Parker, hero firefighter.

Eat the rich

Through the lens of worker underpayment within George Calombaris' restaurant empire and the ongoing Robodebt scandal, we discuss the war the rich wage on the poor.

Horses in forces (feat. Tom Tanuki)

What happens when mining companies move to protect their interests from protesters? We talk with activist and comedian Tom Tanuki about the growing threat of eco-fascism.

Methane Clown Posse

The Prime Minister is tying funding for renewable energy sources to more natural gas extraction. We discuss why using gas as a "transition" energy source is a dead end and a bad deal.

Minister for rorts

A casual chat about the sports funding saga that reveals the corruption at the heart of Australia's government

Clean coal and other fairytales

The Liberal party has a new line: Adapt and Mitigate. We discuss why that's still climate denial.

Malcolm Morrison

We pick apart former Sky News political editor David Speer's interview with Scott Morrison, and shockingly discover that it has some issues!