Not Good Enough — Inadequate responses to Inadequate responses

Do they know it's Cringemas? (feat. Lyndal Rowlands)

We're joined by climate journalist Lyndal Rowlands to discuss New Corp's two-week admission that climate change exists. Then we dig into reality show The Activist, and the weird people behind it.

Toot toot! Get on the Drilled Bus!

Toot toot! Get on the Vaccine Bus!

Zero day

Activism, but make it very dumb


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The Fifth Element is coal

Victoria is banning nazi symbols, the LNP want to give you a school chaplain to sooth your worries about climate change, and we discuss whether you can ever get away with a "BUT" after "death is horrible".

Beetaloo Advocate

JobSeeker was a massive corporate handout, Tasmanian Liberals don't want to frighten the kids, and the government gives millions of dollars to gas miners (with Labor's help).

How dare you give us $300?

Pros and cons of chucking a sickie. Should the government should pay us $300 or give it to Tabcorp? TERF madness is spreading in Australia.

Who grifts the Griftmen?

The NSW Government almost got scammed out of half a billion dollars, and who knows what McKinsey are up to? At least we have a strong opposition to keep things in check.

Smoking the Reef

FM radio hosts are sick of Morrison's shit. The reef is fine, guys, don't even worry about it. Gronks go wild across Australia.


Santos isn't bighting, Australia is sending furries to the Olympics, and we're back in lockdown and cooking our brains.

Listen To Auspol Snackpod

The Labor party are really sad without anyone to play with, the government has a new Vaccine ad, Questacon made a bad video.