Not Good Enough — Inadequate responses to Inadequate responses

No notes! Go touch grass.

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Budget special

QLD and NSW are underwater, again. Knives are out for the prime minister. FU Pay is not good. The budget is discussed.

Sundown with Kochie

Carbon credits are a big scam. David Koch fantasies about cutting the rope.

Care of Duty: Modern Lawfare 2

We get Adelaidepilled, then talk about the federal court ruling that the Environment Minister doesn't have a duty of care after all.

Go fund yourself

The government ignores the IPCC report and the floods. Warnie ruled though.

Manchoofian Candidate

Australia's largest coal power plant is shutting down early, Scott Morrison is good at diplomacy, and Grace Tame is cool.

Good* news

It's a good* news week!

Longest straight section of fail

Western Australia succeeds in succeeding, the Religious Discrimination bill is bad and aged care is in cri—.