Not Good Enough — Inadequate responses to Inadequate responses

Qaniel Qandrews

We chat about the conspiracy theory running rampant on Victorian Telegram channels, then discuss the situation of the Biloela family, and how we got here.


Every elected representative in Australia is a literal demon from hell


  • Call your local MP, and tell them that the will burn forever in the fires of hell if they don’t take drastic action to improve the lives of the people suffering in Australia’s refugee system.

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Sour worms

We discuss the cops who can't stop leaking sensitive information to abusers, Victoria's return to lockdown and the government ministers who keep forgetting that Grandma exists.

Care of Duty: Modern Lawfare (feat. Lauren)

We're joined by legal expert Lauren to discuss the government's new duty of care to protect young people from the climate crisis. We also chat about international law and exploding coal power plants.

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A hotline for losers

We keep up to date on the War consent manufacturing machine, chat about ACIC's claim that encryption is for criminals, and follow up on the jobseeker dob-in hotline.


We talk about alleged war crimes, alleged lunch boxes, allegedly improper firing of CEOs and alleged plans fossil-fuel companys to pay nothing in resources taxes.

Stuart Robert has left the group chat

We chat about drama in the Health Minister's group chat, stripping the NDIS and check in with the Covid vaccine situation.