Not Good Enough — Inadequate responses to Inadequate responses

Dillsong ha ha

Australia's Unions post through it, it's very very hot, and Hillsong have a big party.

Posting through it

It’s hot!

Praise be!


Previous episodes

Screaming (feat. Emerald Moon)

Rats, we forgot to order any RATs! Also Mitch talks to Emerald Moon from the Serious Danger podcast about Green politics, Byron life and loud music.

Buying Power

We talk about Shell's acquisition of Powershop and the cool cool Labor party.

The gang de-isolates

We're all recording in the same room for the first time in 91 episodes! It's a bit chaotic. Also some news is discussed.

gay little ep (feat. Evie)

MQFF help pinkwash apartheid, Dani Laidley returns as a hero, and the Victorian Pride Lobby release a report on LGBTIQA+ people's feelings toward police.

All COP26 are bastards

Farm workers are now entitled to a minimum wage, some guy got smashed and crashed his car. Also some dudes went to Glasgow and talked about submarines or something.

Stop Dazza!

Governments are marking up the next IPCC report with track changes. Chistian Porter has a secret vault of cash and no-one wants to look inside.