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Roasted celery

We cover the Dutch welfare scandal, the government shovelling more subsidies into the gas industry, the Celery Discorse and what Michael McCormack has been up to.

Clog scandal

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Discourses of Climate Delay From @leolinne, based on this paper.

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Cope attempt

We chat about Australia's contributions to the US Capitol riots, online abuse of people who fall through the cracks of coronavirus lockdown, and outages of the inhumane cashless welfare card.

Mitch and McLean are scabs for this one

Mitch and McLean cross the podcast picket line to chat about the one-word adjustment to the national anthem, cuts to Jobkeeper and the 2020 drop in emissions.

The Top 10 of 2020

Join us as we wrap up 2020 with Not Good Enough's official Top 10 ranking for the year.

I stopped these (coal ships)

We delve into the details on the Ombudsman's report on the Victorian public tower lockdowns, then theorise that Australian politicians are being paid by aliens to perpetuate climate change.

Billapalooza 2020

It's too hot to podcast but we delve into the content mines yet again to keep you updated on the landslide of bills from the last sitting week of parliament.

Mr. Skeleton, or, A Fistful of Dollarmites

In this blockbuster episode we discuss Gladys Berejiklian's creeping corruption, Virginia Trioli's Dr. Manhattan vibes and the death of the Dollarmite.

Rough chuckles

We discuss the recently-settled class-action lawsuit against the Robodebt scheme, then dive into the media coverage of Australia's Afganistan war crimes, and why they should not be surprising.

Ghoul interrupted

We enter the Sexism Zone, then chat about coal-lover Joel Fitzgibbon leaving the Labor front-bench. For dessert we discuss successul petitions and a (hopefully!) big new push for social housing in Victoria.