Not Good Enough — Inadequate responses to Inadequate responses

Rough chuckles

We discuss the recently-settled class-action lawsuit against the Robodebt scheme, then dive into the media coverage of Australia's Afganistan war crimes, and why they should not be surprising.



War Crimes

Gooood news


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Ghoul interrupted

We enter the Sexism Zone, then chat about coal-lover Joel Fitzgibbon leaving the Labor front-bench. For dessert we discuss successul petitions and a (hopefully!) big new push for social housing in Victoria.

Commission impossible

We dig into the details of the recently released Royal Commission into National Natural Disaster Arrangements. Then we chat about the LNP freaking out about ANZ virtue signalling, and the company that was paid millions to not clean trains.

Blow up the horses (feat. Zac of Auspol Snackpod)

We're joined by Zac of Auspol Snackpod to chat about Scott Morrison's weird tint job, horse races for the rich and how the government (again) loves mining more than mining companies.

Budget cu*ts

Alan Tudge re-instates the White Australia policy, Jacquie Lambie is a problematic fav, and we pick apart the big themes of this year's Federal budget.

Banana republic

We discuss big poultry news, the Centerlink workers who disagree with punitive government policy, and how the LNP wants to bring back indentured servitude on farms.

Renters write (feat. Jim Malo)

We're joined by journalist Jim Malo to talk race, renting and climate change, and how Australia's media covers all three. But before that, we talk about the desecration of sacred sites, and Jobkeeper rorts.