Not Good Enough — Inadequate responses to Inadequate responses

Stop Dazza!

Governments are marking up the next IPCC report with track changes. Chistian Porter has a secret vault of cash and no-one wants to look inside.

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And I quote

Gina Rinehart has terminal facebook brain, the nationals want to keep digging coal long after capital decides it's a bad idea, and we answer a listener question.

Ms. Deeds

Girlbosses are doing it (high level corruption) for themselves.

AUKUS malorkus

We have a lot to say about submarines. Also, shutting down public transport to stop a protest: Sensible tactic to calm things down or bad idea that'll just make things worse? If only I were writing this several days in the future and could see what would happen on Monday and Tuesday.

Do they know it's Cringemas? (feat. Lyndal Rowlands)

We're joined by climate journalist Lyndal Rowlands to discuss New Corp's two-week admission that climate change exists. Then we dig into reality show The Activist, and the weird people behind it.

The Fifth Element is coal

Victoria is banning nazi symbols, the LNP want to give you a school chaplain to sooth your worries about climate change, and we discuss whether you can ever get away with a "BUT" after "death is horrible".

Beetaloo Advocate

JobSeeker was a massive corporate handout, Tasmanian Liberals don't want to frighten the kids, and the government gives millions of dollars to gas miners (with Labor's help).