Not Good Enough — Inadequate responses to Inadequate responses

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Budget cu*ts

Alan Tudge re-instates the White Australia policy, Jacquie Lambie is a problematic fav, and we pick apart the big themes of this year's Federal budget.

Banana republic

We discuss big poultry news, the Centerlink workers who disagree with punitive government policy, and how the LNP wants to bring back indentured servitude on farms.

Renters write (feat. Jim Malo)

We're joined by journalist Jim Malo to talk race, renting and climate change, and how Australia's media covers all three. But before that, we talk about the desecration of sacred sites, and Jobkeeper rorts.

Contract tracing

We chat the $30 mil golden handshake received by the CEO who blew up Juukan Gorge, the 'strike' that Victorian landlords are trying to pull, and the privatised Coronavirus contact tracing clusterfuck.


Mitch and Lang do some yelling about gas. We praise Rachel Siewert for yelling. We yell about big rowdy protests, which are a form of yelling.

Krathryn Crambrell

We discuss Wikipedia edits, encryption laws, corona detention and McLean's trip to the Labor party's town hall on climate change.

Not Snack Enough (feat. Noon of Auspol Snackpod)

Guest host Noon of Auspol Snackpod joins us for a roundup of media news, an explanation of how clean energy could get us out of the recession and a stirring dive into Marxist theory.